Check out these videos that inform the work and play of Agile Learning Centers.

What Is Self-Directed Education? An introductory illustration from Peter Gray and the Alliance for Self-Directed Education

Culture Hacking Education. Eric Bear, a pioneer and missionary for Agile Learning Centers gives an invigorating TED Talk on the marvel of blending Agile tools and self-directed education.


The Crisis of an Outdated Paradigm Tomis, ALC Facilitator on the crisis created by our outdated educational paradigm.


The Origins of “Agile” Tomis, ALC Facilitator on the origins of “Agile” and how these concepts inform Agile Learning Centers.


Changing Education Paradigms An RSA Animate of another great Ken Robinson talk on Education.


Agile Programming for the Family Bruce Feiler’s TED Talk about using Agile principles in managing and creating culture in your family.

Exploring the Realm of Self-Directed Education. Akilah S. Richards and Laura Kriegel from the Alliance for Self-Directed Education explain how unschooling, free/democratic schools, learning centers, co-ops and more relate.


Teaching vs. Facilitating Abby, ALC Facilitator on the difference between teaching in traditional schools and facilitating in an ALC.


The Way We View Children Ryan, ALC Facilitator on viewing children as humans, rather than candidates for humanity.


Do Schools Kill Creativity? Famous talk from Ken Robinson.


What If We Trusted You? A great talk by Jerry Michalski about how traditional schools are set up around the belief that children do not want to learn.


Hackschooling Makes Me Happy A 13 year old homeschooler, Logan LaPlante, describes how he hacks his own education to create the life he wants for himself.


The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us An articulate RSA Animate of Dan Pink’s famous talk.


What to Innovate? Become a Now-ist Joi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab, discusses how being Agile helps you become more innovative in the moment, a skill that is more relevant in the digitally connected 21st Century.